ReZourceGuy FBA

Yes, it’s true! The family has agreed to start a “Fulfilled By Amazon” FBA Business as part of the ReZourceGuy Brand!
Makes sense, right!?

We will be searching for and finding hard to find items to list on Amazon through the FBA Program.

The LLC Business License has been accepted by Amazon and the Seller Central Store is being set up.

During the month of May 2019 we will be sending inventory to Amazon and we anticipate some happy customers once they are able to purchase some of the items we are able to Source and ReZource!

Stay tuned for more info………………..

3 Years with a 3 year Renewal!


, LLC successfully completed the initial 3 year Contract with The J. Gibson McIlvain Company, and a new 3 year commitment has been agreed upon. The LLC is moving in a new direction, providing services outside of the JGM Company. I will be staying on as a full-time employee of JGM for HR, Recruiting, and Import/Export Compliance responsibilities. The ReZourceGuy Company will be promoting a new Amazon FBA business on a part-time basis with family members. (See the next posts!)

More to come in the next few days…………

2 Years & Counting!

ReZourceGuy has now been full-time, on-site with the J. Gibson McIlvain Company in White Marsh Maryland for 2 years! (March 2016 to March 2018)

What started as a Recruiting / Talent Management consulting assignment has turned into more of a full-service arrangement.

We are still providing recruiting expertise and talent management services, but also help with onboarding, training, safety, and compliance.

Another successful project has been the implementation of electronic document management for the Import/Export department., LLC has benefited greatly from the engagement with the McIlvain Company, and as the services we provide prove to be valuable, we are hopeful for another few years on this assignment.

1 Year Anniversary

We are rapidly approaching the 1-year anniversary of our switch to full-time Consulting! (March 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017)

This has been a very full year and we have taken on more and more responsibilities with our primary Client. We have also successfully referred other Consultants to similar gigs and helped others in traditional job searches.

The blog posts and website updates have been very infrequent due to the proprietary nature of our primary agreement., LLC is not actively pursuing new Contracts at this time, but entering into an extended arrangement with our current Client.

We do monitor this website and we are very active on several of the sites linked under RZG Sites on the sidebar., LLC

Formed an LLC in Maryland today under the name, LLC

We are a Certified Maryland Limited Liability Company specializing in Professional Services such as:

  • Human ReZources Consulting
  • Business Process ReEngineering
  • Talent Management
  • Recruitment
  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • email List Management

Been There, Done That

Changing the Format and the Landing Page for this Blog – finally!

I have owned the domain name and used various hosting providers and Themes for this site over the years.

Literally, I have “Been There and Done That” as it relates to setting up a Blog and trying to get an online business started.

Here are a few more “Tag Lines”:

Been There, Done That, You get the Cheat Sheets!

Tools & Tricks to Grow Your Online Biz!

My current full-time job is Technical Recruiter, and I have been doing that for 15 years. During those 15 years I have been very active with online recruiting tools, blogging, ATS systems and Social Media. In addition, I have been managing a few online profiles for local businesses including their websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, email Lists and more.

The ReZourceGuy Website will bring all of that data and content creation and blogging tips and online business expertise to YOU!

Watch for the new format and content in the days to come!

Comment Spam

I have a couple of WordPress Blogs as Hosted Sites and have been getting killed with Comment Spam. I installed a new Plugin today to see if that helps.

I am using the Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin on another blog, and that worked really well for awhile, but it appears there is a work-around for the Spammers, and now I am getting swamped again on that blog.

I am trying the “Spam Free WordPress” Plugin for this site to see if it is effective.

Growmap is rated 5 stars, and Spam Free WordPress is only rated 4 stars, so we’ll see which one works best.

Twitter Integration

It took awhile, but I worked through the Hosted WordPress to Twitter integration.

Now each new blog post and blog update should create a Tweet on @ReZourceGuy

I remember doing this years ago with a WordPress Blog, but thought the process would have been a bit more “Plug & Play” in 2012.

I had to create API keys and logins and passwords and ‘Oauth’ keys and more just to make sure that blog posts would automatically populate the Twitter Timeline for

Let’s hope it works, after all of that effort! 🙂


Still trying to figure out why I am getting hundreds of comments from bloggers overseas with their backlinks!?!

I went back to tonight and refreshed that Profile and put up a couple of Tweets about this blog and the “Follower Bots”.

I cannot figure what is attractive about – especially now – I have removed all of the ads and the links and it is a stripped down WordPress site, but I am still getting bombarded with Comments.

You think this would be a good problem, if I wanted to monetize the site, but I had ads running on the former version of the website, and never earned a single penny from Google ads or Amazon affiliate links.