ReZourceGuy FBA

Yes, it’s true! The family has agreed to start a “Fulfilled By Amazon” FBA Business as part of the ReZourceGuy Brand!
Makes sense, right!?

We will be searching for and finding hard to find items to list on Amazon through the FBA Program.

The LLC Business License has been accepted by Amazon and the Seller Central Store is being set up.

During the month of May 2019 we will be sending inventory to Amazon and we anticipate some happy customers once they are able to purchase some of the items we are able to Source and ReZource!

Stay tuned for more info………………..


Still trying to figure out why I am getting hundreds of comments from bloggers overseas with their backlinks!?!

I went back to tonight and refreshed that Profile and put up a couple of Tweets about this blog and the “Follower Bots”.

I cannot figure what is attractive about – especially now – I have removed all of the ads and the links and it is a stripped down WordPress site, but I am still getting bombarded with Comments.

You think this would be a good problem, if I wanted to monetize the site, but I had ads running on the former version of the website, and never earned a single penny from Google ads or Amazon affiliate links.


I have been meaning to delete the prior version of for months, and finally took the time to do it! I had a fancy paid WordPress Theme and a few affiliate links and Google ads on the site and I was getting hundreds of spam comments per week. I finally turned off the comments because they were flooding my Inbox. It was crazy! I don’t know what was attractive about the site; I never received one cent from ad revenue or affiliate purchases, but it was getting all kinds of traffic and comments; all with backlinks to their own monetized websites.

Oh well. On to the next project.

This current WordPress installation is the free, 1-click version included with DreamHost. I am posting the first blog post and comment just so the site looks like someone actually owns this domain and cares.